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How Can a Chiropractor Help You?

Here at Bass Family Chiropractic in Maplewood, NJ, we use the "Garden Hose" effect to describe what happens when an individual receives therapy. Imagine your hose being mangled due to excessive pressure coming through at one time. In addition to water pressure starkly decreasing, your hose may experience cracks if not unraveled. The process of unwinding often involves an individual applying pressure to get the hose to become straight again. The same is true with your body.

If your back is throbbing, then it is more than likely tangled due to too much pressure in one area of the spine. Outside force must be applied in a strategic manner in order to relieve such tension and straighten the muscles. As with the garden hose, deciding to overlook the pain that you feel could result in more severe problems.

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Skeptical of Chiropractic Care? Don’t Be!

Did you know that a chiropractor probably spends more time studying than a medical doctor? Many take the field of chiropractic therapy lightly but professionals in the industry research for countless hours to bring the best methods of healing to patients.

On average, a medical student spends around 215 hours studying the anatomy of the body. A chiropractic apprentice spends more than double that amount of time researching the makeup of the human body. In addition, individuals studying to be chiropractors spend 161 hours learning the essentials of chemistry and nearly 170 hours becoming acquainted with orthopedics. The average medical student only devotes 100 hours to chemistry and spends less than 180 minutes learning about the essentials of orthopedics.

While chiropractic therapy is considered an unconventional method of treatment by some, the field’s specialists put more time and energy into perfecting their skills than highly esteemed physicians. Such devotion is why so many people reap the benefits of chiropractic therapy.

Chiropractic Care in Maplewood, NJ

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